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recipe: tacos veganos

My beloved adores these tacos so much that I actually make them on a regular basis (which is impressive, considering the running joke at my house is that…


dinner idea (and recipe): zucchini pasta with red pepper cream sauce and tempeh

I like to spiral slice veggies and use them in place of pasta because we don’t each much gluten in my house and brown rice pasta ain’t that…


recipe: super simple pomodoro

After 80 failed attempts at the perfect red sauce, I decided to apply the keep it simple, stupid principle to my marinara. Guess what? It worked. super simple…


recipe: raw marinara

Super simple, really quick, and incredibly good for you; this raw marinara is perfect over zucchini or squash noodles. Try it with a little cashew cream mixed in…delicious….

recipe: cashew cream

My friend Toby and I have this joke and it goes something like this: Him: “E, this is amazing! What’s in it?” Me: “Cashew cream.” It’s not so…