s3Succulents are one of my very favorite things. They are small, they are adorable, they don’t need a lot from you. They are my kind of plants.

It’s cheap and easy to make a charming, homemade Mother’s Day gift, even if you aren’t the tiniest bit crafty. I found a few fun containers, bought a few succulents, some cactus soil, and some colored rocks, and in about thirty minutes had these beauties. I had so many supplies leftover that I ended up doing a hanging basket for my yard and a second Mother’s Day gift. In all, I spent maybe $50 on supplies and spent an hour planning and planting and cleaning up. (Keep in mind, the money paid for four succulent arrangements, so each one individually is quite affordable!)

Mini Succulent Garden How-To

s21. Gather your supplies: a container (best if it is something that has holes or you can drill holes into the bottom to let your succulents drain properly), cactus potting soil, variety of small succulents, rocks, and other trinkets (optional), like a cute gnome or mushroom or small fairy.
2. If your container doesn’t have holes, take a 1/4″ drill bit and drill a few (the holes are that pictured took me about two minutes, and I don’t use power tools).
s13. Line the bottom of your container with rocks for extra-great drainage (optional – you can just start with soil, see step 4).
4. Fill your container half way with moist cactus soil.
5. Gently shake your succulents loose from the containers they are in and gently place them in their new home, moving them around until you are happy with the arrangement. Try to get a few that will cascade down the side of have “arms” that hang over, and a few that have some color for interest.
6. When your tiny plants are all in the right place, gently fill the rest of the space in the container with soil and, using your fingers, press the soil in between each succulent.
7. Water everything well and let it drain.
8. Top everything with small rocks if you’d like, or mulch, or moss.
9. Add your tiny something special, if you’re going to.
10. Deliver your homemade cuteness with a smile and a hug.

To give you some ideas for vessels: I found this random wood bowl at Goodwill for $1.16 and just removed the spindle from the center (it screwed in). I also have used old flour sifters (they already have holes in the bottom for draining!), old cans (like cool coffee cans), toolboxes, shoes, and a variety of other vessels. The great thing about succulents is that they do well inside, too. Just stick them in a window that gets decent sunlight and you’re ready to go! This is great because your vessel doesn’t necessarily need to be able to weather the weather (think old cowboy boot), just a little water from time to time (and if you line the vessel with plastic, you can really use anything at all to make your tiny garden!)

s8You can see my final garden in a small clay pot has chalkboard paint around the bottom, this makes it easy to make write a sweet, custom message or quote for mom (or whomever the lucky recipient).

That’s about all the craftiness I can take…back to cooking.

And a few notes to ponder…

Don’t forget to arrange all of the plants you are going use before you start planting, that really helps the design turn out well:


You can break apart larger plants to use in two pots, don’t be scared, they will be fine. Succulents are hardy!