We drink almond milk around here like almonds are about to become extinct (we’re talking gallons a week). I generally move between a few brands that we like, but as time has gone on (and our almond milk consumption has peaked with my 15 month old drinking at least a dozen ounces a day), I decided I should really try my hand at making my own. I probably wouldn’t do this without a high-speed blender and a nut milk bag, but it’s certainly possible to do it without them (regular blender and pantyhose would be a good stand-in), it’ll just take you a little more time.

almond milk
  • 1 cup almonds (I like these), soaked overnight and then drained and rinsed until the water runs clear
  • 3.5 cups water
  1. Put the soaked almond and water in your blender, blend at the highest speed for at least a minute (probably three or four if you are not using a high-speed blender like a VitaMix).
  2. Placing your nut milk bag over a large bowl (preferably one with a pour spout) pour the milk from the blender into the bag and then either gently squeeze the bag (kind of like milking a cow honestly) or leave the bag to hang and drain above the bowl until all of the liquid is gone.
  3. Pour your milk into a container and refrigerate (mine stays good for about four days).
  4. Use your leftover almond pulp in something delicious like this.
I’ve seen plenty of almond milk recipes online, and many have the same or similar nut to water ratios as I use here. So, the reason I even bothered to publish this recipe is to say, this is the ratio I most prefer (after trying many variations) AND I also prefer almond milk without any add ins (no flavor, no sweetener), just as it is, using good-quality, raw almonds.

almondmilk1 almondmilk2