A few weeks ago, pie2I had about 50 key limes (a wonderful gift from good friends) that were screaming to be turned into something delicious. With inspiration from this post, I made this pie. Minimalist Baker is one of my very favorite bloggers and I have never made anything from her site that didn’t turn out. The filling is basically just as she has listed, but I used my own gluten free almond flour crust instead (because I didn’t have any graham crackers). The result is creamy, tart, slightly sweet and infinitely edible (the flavor balance of a pie like this is dangerous – it’s like chocolate covered pretzels, your brain just doesn’t know when to stop).

I made the filling using my Vitamix, so I didn’t soak the cashews (I just pulverized them first) and the end result was super creamy and smooth. I’m sure soaking them would add even more creaminess, though that’s hard to believe (and I have an inability to plan sweet making ahead of time).

Making the mini bites in the original recipe with graham cracker crust is on my to-make list for sure.