recipe review: key lime pie

A few weeks ago, I had about 50 key limes (a wonderful gift from good friends) that were screaming to be turned into something delicious. With inspiration from…


recipe: mini peanut butter banana quick bread

My little love is starting to bake with me (which is pretty much my favorite part of parenting so far – watching him stir a big bowl of…


method: layered cakes

If you bake a little (but not a lot) like me, making a layered cake may seem a daunting task. But, that’s only until you’ve done it once….


v + gf recipe: sweet potato stew!

I watched a great movie the other night (Hector and the Search for Happiness) and in it (without giving anything away) he eats sweet potato stew with a…


recipe review:

My idea with a recipe review is not only to go assess a gajillion recipes for something I want to make, pick what I hope will be the…


v + gf recipe: asian lettuce cups

A few beautiful heads of lettuce in our farm share this week inspired this dish. We get at least six heads of lettuce every Friday and a girl…


recipe: super simple peppermint bark

  This is really just a method for making a very festive, very delicious, very easy holiday treat. This year, I made this for all of my coworkers…


recipe: warm white bean/kale/artichoke dip

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! I have two recipes today for those of you needing a last minute party contribution. Both are super easy (done in less than 30…


recipe: chocolate chip banana bread

You can whip this batter up in about five minutes in one bowl with just a fork and probably things in your pantry (if you happen to find…


recipe review: pita bread (vegan)

I’ve only tried to make my own pita bread at home a few times, and, frankly, most bread making seems daunting to me. All the rising, all the…